Independence - Innovation - Integration - Impact - Integrity

Our Core Values

Offering honest, independent and impartial advice based on actual identified client need which is not framed around any specific product or solution.

Developing imaginative, dynamic, informed and customized solutions in response to conventional, novel and emerging resilience challenges.

Creating integrated, cross-sectoral, multi-hazard solutions crucial for reducing institutional, organizational and/or societal vulnerability, loss and disruption.

Delivering appropriate, effective and efficient solutions enabling clients to realise their short to longer term strategic ambitions in a rapidly changing landscape.

Conducting business in an honest, transparent, ethical, accountable and confidential manner, premised on positive partnership and knowledge transfer.

Our Expertise

We have extensive legal and multi-disciplinary expertise uniquely spanning many aspects of security, disaster management and resilience planning. This includes conventional as well as emerging man-made and technological risk. Such breadth of expertise allows us to customise our client services and solutions to many different types of threats, risks, sector and geographical contexts..


Contact Us

T: +44 (0)2381 920193

Global Security & Disaster Management Ltd
Stag Gates House,
63-64 The Avenue,
Southampton, SO17 1XS

Company Registration: 10659715
VAT Registration: 299420761

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